Today is a good day to talk about this. I hope you are ready to have this conversation. I am not here to open wounds or help you curse your ex….haha…no…we don’t do that here, rather in this era. I am about to spill some tea _sorry mum_ to you and I hope you don’t […]

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It is still a New Year even with the invasion of a pandemic. It’s been a long time since we had a talk and I have missed you incredibly. I thought about you today and I felt the need to just drop by and check on you. I hope you are keeping safe at home […]



Hi there… I come in peace and I hope you are also at peace. If procrastination is an addiction, then I sincerely need to go to rehab. I suffer from an overdose of this bad habit and I seriously need a cure. Forgive me for disclosing my weakness but isn’t a problem shared half solved?…haha… […]



  We haven’t spoken in the new year. I know most of you feel old already but it’s just been 31 days. Am excited God brought us into another calendar with more opportunities, trials and so many other things for our different levels. My little boy is so grown*7 months now* and it is a […]


Don’t give up!Work it!

SUNDAY VIBES This is the day that the Lord has made… I hope you are singing along because that song speaks a whole tonne on how to begin any other day. It doesn’t matter what happened,who said what or what went down. Everyday is a perfect day to create or even ruin things_your choice.I hope […]

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Moving on? How?

Am waving at you but you can’t believe it of course…seeing is believing and I don’t blame you. I hope you doing alright and I hope life is teaching you some unforgettable lessons for your own good.. .haha… amn’t trying to be a wet blanket but that’s what’s best for you.My handsome boy is now […]

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Show me the seed in your farm….

Let’s us just ignore my unreasonable absence and get back to our little chit-chat_haha!¬†Our fourth month has been an incredible journey with more discovery and a lot of bonding than ever before.My son is beyond energetic and even changing his diaper is like a tug of war; where I have to deal with separating his […]

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Bullied by fear.

Oh dear! It’s been a long time since we talked and I must confess, it’s making me feel terribly guilty. Been having so much on my plate but I think am now in a better position to take a breather. Our 4th month is just around the corner and I can tell it’s going to […]

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