Show me the seed in your farm….

Let’s us just ignore my unreasonable absence and get back to our little chit-chat_haha! Our fourth month has been an incredible journey with more discovery and a lot of bonding than ever before.My son is beyond energetic and even changing his diaper is like a tug of war; where I have to deal with separating his little legs from crossing over my hands. He is just a cartoon and  enjoying every inch of it. Currently, he is trying to sit down but one has to support his back even though he is leaning towards the front stretching out his arm trying to reach for a toy.His first set of teeth_incisors_ on the lower jaw are on their way up and I can tell it’s uncomfortable because it’s itchy as hell! It’s a total miracle watching your little one graduate from stage to stage and growing_not forgetting that toothless wide smile… ooh! You will fall in love…

I like to think of my little one as a seed that is germinating. We know that growth is gradual and it can be tideous depending on what type of seed you plant. If you woke up and decide to plant love, deceit, patience, hatred… all these have their own type of result. I remember after I was dumped during my pregnancy, I wore my boxing gloves and ran to the ring thinking that I would save my unborn child from a ‘rejected’ type of setup but I realized it stole so much from me. I wasted a lot of time thinking about God_knows_what and making phonecalls, sending paragraphs for no replies just to get blocked someday. Wow!! I must say, I had never seen that coming.It was dark…  I must confess, but I had to have this bright face even though my mum knew what I was terribly going through. I made a friend called ‘hopeless‘ and he taught me ‘self-pity‘ among other sad feelings that came along. It was stinky! I planted so many seeds in my heart that cost me my sleep, peace and even my sanity. A broken heart can make you a mad one… haha! Trust me. I had no choice but to start uprooting those huge weeds that took time and others are still in process but… I will tell you all that later; on how much of a ‘life-farmer’ I have become… I still got my gumboots on!!

I still want to know what seed is this you planted and faithfully tending to. Is it your lies? love? mistrust? goodwill? revenge? Whatever it may be, you need to weigh and see if it’s adding any value or making you less of a person. I know we all say “it’s just for a while” but that while can put you at crossroads you might want to take an ‘L’ for good.


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