Moving on? How?

Am waving at you but you can’t believe it of course…seeing is believing and I don’t blame you. I hope you doing alright and I hope life is teaching you some unforgettable lessons for your own good.. .haha… amn’t trying to be a wet blanket but that’s what’s best for you.My handsome boy is now 5 months and I sincerely thank THEE. Just a few more 31 days to go and we MOVE ON to weaning before he sucks the life out of me… am so serious 😒.

Today I want to keep it simple and just tell you of a small and rare pill called MOVING ON. I am still prescribed to the dose because I suffered severely from this disease. The last stage of this deadly thing is looking dumb… in simple lingo; just overreacting to everything before you take time and think if it’s worth the next action taken. People talk about how they moving on and I realised how much of a convincing lie we give. If you are struggling with it, be open… long story short, I want to show you the path I followed. It wasn’t a nature walk…naaaah!  But it’s part of the little things that made me a ‘life-farmer‘ because the harvest is pretty good_wink… wink.

ACCEPT. You have to agree within your own mind that things have changed. You may try to fight it but that’s the rough truth. You have to whisper to yourself “it’s good riddance” and allow new different people around you. SEEK FOR COMFORT. Some of you think that breakups are petty things until you start suffering from depression or stress.My confidants were my mum and elder sister. I shared with them literally everything that was ugly and they offered perfect  advice_spiritually too.  Avoid people who feed your ears with rubbish but keep those with the facts closer. You may hate the harsh words but you need to embrace the truth. KEEP OFF SOCIAL PLATFORMS. I haven’t said forever but for a while until you have put your broken pieces together. Some people use this as avenues to get back at you for whatever kind of pathetic reasons.Some of the things you might see will break you beyond salvage.  Sometimes it may not be about you but; you’re better safe than sorry… Thank me later! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. I remember trying to even send friends just to be my watchdogs but I realized I was the one loosing a lot. People will hurt you and not even turn their heads to you while you are busy stalking and crying hopelessly. I know it’s hard to drop some friendships but you have no choice for sanity sake. Keep yourself busy, it’s not the end of life dear. FILTER OUT COMRADES. There is always a group in your circle that fuel situations because they live on drama alone forgetting that karma is not their sister. Others hate it when it’s getting settled that’s a fact, you may not see it but you will learn that soon. Be watchful! VENGEANCE IS NOT AN OPTION. You have one life to live, so why would you waste your precious time trying to prove to others? You don’t know what your destiny looks like and you can’t be out here on earth looking like a mad person. Take everything positively_though it takes time_ and take notes on that lesson. If it’s all hard for you ,get down to business and pray to God through the Son, Jesus Christ who is the : WONDERFUL COUNSELOR and He will give you eternal peace ;THE PRINCE OF PEACE. Hallelujah!

When you say you are moving on, you better walk the talk,  don’t give anybody lousy talk. You ought to learn how to say a firm no and drop people who you thought created oxygen for you. Hate nobody because only God is perfect. See you around. 😏



8 thoughts on “Moving on? How?

  1. You’ve always spoken directly to my soul….moving on for sure is not easy….but eventually spitting the toxicity out of your life makes the struggle worth it….

    already eager for the next blog


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