Don’t give up!Work it!


This is the day that the Lord has made… I hope you are singing along because that song speaks a whole tonne on how to begin any other day. It doesn’t matter what happened,who said what or what went down. Everyday is a perfect day to create or even ruin things_your choice.I hope your hungry because I want to serve you some delicious vibes for everyday.

Am pretty certain that we all have had those Abraham Lincoln_if you know his story_ moments where we see like we are not good enough for any of the opportunities.We really try our level best to keep daydreamers at an arms length but we end up taking the most comfortable seat right next to them. We make them our reference for decades until you realise it’s just wasting your time and wreaking your heart and soul. Life at times has made us think too much and even given us sleepless nights with the nightmares of how to beat the ‘Goliaths‘ of our time. God created us with different abilities that we are supposed to put to work positively all in the glory of HIS name. We are all ‘Davids‘ in our own way, but we have to take steps… slowly by slowly…and think out of the box. We can have it all but you have to have the faith, passion and hard work to get there.

It seems unfair at times but God helps those who help themselves…SWEAT IT OUT FIRST!!!

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