Selfless love endures, don’t be selfish!

It’s been like forever without our little talk… I feel like I should explain about my whereabouts but it won’t make sense after all.Am glad we are all doing just fine and waiting on the new year_that’s weeks away_with positivity…ha! Don’t you love the sound of new things? Personally, I CAN’T WAIT!!! I will tell you in my next article what am getting myself into God willing. I don’t want to talk about the cliché “new year resolutions” no! We all know it’s a scam just to make you feel new for the 365 virgin days ahead. My son is counting days to his 6th month and am just elated. He is a noise maker mumbling words in his own lingo and I must say, he is part of my annoying silence in here_haha . His laughter melts my heart while his little cry breaks my heart. I sacrifice every second just to give him my undivided attention. I hope you will do the same someday and if you have one, don’t ever grow weary of doing so.

Sacrifice takes a lot of courage because it means you are ready to take it all.

Amn’t trying to take you through Bible study but remember Abraham and Isaac in the Bible? If you indeed know the story,then that’s self-explanatory. I know most of us tend to curse bad events in life and even swear by the Bible not to ever rewind…am definately in that percentage,haha!After my relationship took a nosedive, you can bet on how much of a busy body I was just swearing never to do this or that,never…never..Until I realised that it’s now no longer about me or him_the father_or the both of us but this new life that is here. It’s not been smooth either way but there’s progress. I must blow my own trumpet and confess that it took a lot of energy to swallow my pride and stomach the other party of goodwill. Don’t be stuck there feeling sick about somethings or people in your life but the moment they start treating you like a hospital door, cut them off and it won’t hurt…your sanity matters. It’s not about being kind-hearted or whatever label that pleases you. It’s about the sacrifice that I have made to allow my son to get to know his identity and to avoid incest in future…haha! It is hard to stand the person you detest the most but it’s all about the child not you.

Maintain that lane, don’t let it crossover…and it’s not about you  this time. It’s for your little girl or your son’s sake. It won’t be forever so take heart and sacrifice that anger for days to come, trust me!

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