Honey, let’s make some lemonade!


….am hype and don’t even know why. It’s been one joyful ride this month and I have been seeking for some little time to tell y’all about it. My little boy is now taking porridge_milestones! It may not make sense to some of you but such an action deserves celebration through prayer. He is still screaming just to test his voice box and I just find it adorable. Throwing away some of his clothes and having a new look for his closet with bigger clothes. I was avoiding to fall so silent until the next year and I know this noise is going to be worth it.

We are just about to kiss 2k18 goodbye and so I believe that you should also have invested in a trash can or bag to dispose some of the stuff before they rot and start to stink. Have been having conversations with some of you through calls and emails and realised that so many people are hurting…but hey, it’s not over yet. There’s a new devil in every level! Whether up or down, nobody is guaranteed a smooth ride. Get up and finish up those projects you had in mind without having excuses, time is not willing to wait and life has never been a rehearsal. Do what makes you happy…you don’t have a choice. You are either happy or HAPPY!!! Don’t go knocking on dusty doors…no!!! Walk away and you will learn how to do things on your own.“Cursed is he who depends on man”… that’s the word of God. The grass is not promised to be greener wherever you go but you have to be armed for whatever type of army you come across. Throw away that pillow that you spent sleepless nights crying on…it will never soothe you to sleep anyway. Purchase a new one,infact, get a double portion of your own comfort. Don’t revise your diary when you are idle, go out and make new memories…make mistakes and write about them but don’t forget to learn from them. Make decisions and be grounded. Don’t loose your focus! This is not the time to correct what people say , it’s too early. Give them all the time to adjust to who you are_bad advise but keep it! Don’t write a list of resolutions trying to fool everyone, keep walking but tread carefully this time. If you feel lost don’t be afraid to shout for help or you may end up missing forever. Speak your mind and don’t let them intimidate your personality. Prophesy life to the dry bones and you will be impressed at how wonderful HE is. Wait no more…be a go-getter! The only dose to your motivation is yourself and not a collapsing situation.

If your 2018 brought you a bag of lemons and a little bit of oranges, squeeze some juice,mix with sugar and dilute it all with water to taste. Rather,make it bearable to partake. Don’t complicate things no more, you have goals to achieve… it’s never too late! Run baby, run!…but don’t break a leg!

Make Merry! May God see us through to the New Year!

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