We haven’t spoken in the new year. I know most of you feel old already but it’s just been 31 days. Am excited God brought us into another calendar with more opportunities, trials and so many other things for our different levels. My little boy is so grown*7 months now* and it is a huge task keeping on eye on him from time to time. He simply wants to get a hold of everything including the walls…haha. I must confess I have missed you all and I have so much to share with you…no hurry though! We have all the time!

Being a new year, am pretty sure most of you still feel brand new. Maybe it’s your new job, new house, marriage, school…name them up to including situations where loss is involved. I am proud nobody has been posting resolutions that are just time wasting. Someone once taught me that “change comes from the heart”. It surely takes a brave one to curb old habits. I know most of us get to the middle of the year and feel like the year is a hundred years but all this depends on what activities you indulge in and also the choices you make. Learn to be positive and don’t let anything get between you and your peace of mind.

Make sure everything you do this year is a big deal. Don’t stoop so low and let nobody trash you! All the best…

Today I came to clean up the cobwebs… I’ll keep in touch.



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