Hi there…

I come in peace and I hope you are also at peace. If procrastination is an addiction, then I sincerely need to go to rehab. I suffer from an overdose of this bad habit and I seriously need a cure. Forgive me for disclosing my weakness but isn’t a problem shared half solved?…haha… don’t think too much. I don’t know about you but that’s me. My son and I have been handling his 8th month with a lot of care. Still at his discovery stage and proud of him for not putting everything in his mouth. Am enjoying every moment of his playful nature and throwing a tantrum can be a little bit annoying… amn’t scaring the yet-to-be-mums but you’re better off aware…

The “month of love” is on it’s way out and I know most of us have had the best moments with the people we consider close to our hearts. As I typed this, am already in awe of a special kind of love that we should be grateful for. Today I want us to sail on the same spiritual boat for a minute. Ever wondered why God doesn’t just give you what you want in a second? It’s has taken me a while to actually understand why He is a God of order apart from the creation story. If I sound like a preacher to you right now, kindly note that I am a proud one… haha! Most of the times we get on our knees and attend church more than often when our life seems to take a hopeless direction expecting to find answers to our question of why. On a personal experience, I remember speaking to Him for any type of healing miracle but I had no idea He had a brilliant plan. I know most of the time we are busy commanding Him to take toxic people out of our lives and bring a new lot and so many things.


He takes you through the process gracefully. When we talk to Him, we expect the miracle we pray on to be there pap! without delay. When you are busy asking for the number one item on your list, He is busy working on your item number six because without going through that six you won’t be ready to receive number one with victory and glory. For instance, maybe a loved one is on their death bed with a deadly disease. It’s human nature to seek for instant healing but God takes you through the process by helping you to accept the situation which you didn’t consider important, then later understand. The little things make the whole difference. Whatever you never think of as important are the keys that open certain doors to success in life. Life is full of lessons and your work is to identify them through the mistakes because God’s intention is to get you to greater heights that you cannot fathom. It might seem like He’s taking forever but be sure He wants you to get to number one safe and sound without breaking down. Don’t give up so soon, take your time and ask Him to help you see what you are expected to pick before getting to what you are seeking for. The quicker you notice, the better!

Don’t be hard on yourself for prayers not yet answered. Be grateful that He’s got you covered in areas behind the scenes that need to be straightened out.

I bet you never saw that coming…


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