It is still a New Year even with the invasion of a pandemic. It’s been a long time since we had a talk and I have missed you incredibly. I thought about you today and I felt the need to just drop by and check on you. I hope you are keeping safe at home or even at work and following all the guidelines given by a health personnel.

My life journey has been on real motion unlike before…I have been_and still am_ on a self discovery phase as a mum and as a young adult. I surely feel harassed because I have never been here before but the earlier I embrace it the better. I remember wishing for all of you to receive ‘life-lessons-blows’ but it turns out that they have hit me harder!Haha! I have been thinking so much about how we just set the ball rolling on so many areas in our lives without doing an assessment of ourselves. I thought about the athletes and how important it is for one to have their name written on the track and even where they come from. How many times do you sit and think if you are ready for something? We all want to start that business without taking a self assessment test on how we will be, what will change….and so on. I love transparency and I have seen people’s identity get scrambled by relationships, their careers, peers…you name them. It’s like a norm nowadays to just get up and pick up an identity from social media and start living by that. I am not attacking anyone guys, but we both know it’s happening. I have been a victim of waiting for the other person to come and maybe pick some identity depending on his principles just to keep up…oh! I know it has happened to you too and it shouldn’t be our little secret. There’s that phase where things seem to get dark and you become hopeless, then a superhero miraculously appears and gets into your life because you allowed them in. It’s not okay no matter how much it feels right. If you have never had your heart broken, then you are on the wrong site….haha! Maybe you lost your job and all the benefits it offered…who knows! You must have been through a period of feeling alone and very lonely without that one thing that gave you the ‘world’ in your own terms…how sad! You forget about your ambitions for a moment and started focusing on useless things that are negative…under very sober judgment. You then start jumping into other pools and ships of opportunities and fight to keep your head above the water but you will eventually sink. How many times have you said yes to things and people simply because you wanted all the glitter?…simply because you wanted to escape the lonely corner?…Get a hold of yourself before it’s too late and heal from that which hurt you or broke you. Stop running now…sit and think if you are healthy enough or strong enough to carry on struggling in that pool or ship you jumped into. Run a full test on your mental, physical and emotional stature before you lose it all. I know it feels so good right now but you’ll change your mind when the repercussions knock on the door. Don’t waste your time on who you are not, build who you really are when the lights are off and you are just by yourself. Before rushing to know all his favorite color and songs, figure out your potential and set your standards and the right things will just flow. Take your time and learn about yourself, love yourself and most importantly, take care of yourself.

Remember, if you lose yourself… lose it all!


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