Today is a good day to talk about this. I hope you are ready to have this conversation. I am not here to open wounds or help you curse your ex….haha…no…we don’t do that here, rather in this era.

I am about to spill some tea _sorry mum_ to you and I hope you don’t brush me off today. I was having a talk with one of my friends and there’s a certain type of awkward conversations that are trying to squeeze themselves into your inbox or DMs. Now, I know this is crazy but have you spotted someone tip toe-ing back to you during this time? I hope you dealt with it the way I did but if you haven’t come across that, then you are very lucky! I read an article much earlier that talked about how your ex might hit you up any time during this stay at home moment. I thought I wouldn’t fall victim but come to think of it, I am glad it did because there is definitely something I want to share with you whole heartedly and I hope it helps you not only now but even after all that is happening in the world today.

I woke up one day and found a text message from a familiar number that once existed in my contacts. I didn’t want to judge at first but I tried to have an open mind and was absolutely responsive but I was trying my best not to build up the conversation at all cost. The phone calls began and my guard was up but I didn’t hang up anyway because it’s been years. I noticed there was a misunderstanding the moment he tried to start flirting with me and I was having a really hard time connecting with him to that emotional level. Dude! The butterflies that you used to make me feel in my stomach already died. It has been close to FIVE years and there has been little growth and also a change of interests within that time.

…killing the vibe….

Thanks to poor internet connection, face timing _video call in common language_was very much impossible so I insisted on sticking to the normal calls. It was pretty unfortunate that he didn’t get the memo early enough that I was trying to evade that type of talk. I knew there was no way he was going to stop if I continued to entertain him…so I had to hammer some facts through a speaker. I was very blunt and spit out that it was impossible to get me emotionally hooked. He went silent after a couple of truths and confessions and I know it hurt…but I had no choice.

…not surprised at all…

After a week of serenity, I was sure of dog ding that bullet for good but I was wrong. I received a call in the morning and he said that he thought of me and decided to check on me but I had things to do and cut him short and told him I’ll call later but was sure not to promise. I saw his call again hours later and I thought that assuming the call would do me any good but he kept calling. You won’t believe this…he was outside our house. I was so furious that I walked to him and threw in my two cents about his behavior. I acknowledged his efforts and also told him to quit trying to see me without letting me know prior. I was really pissed but luckily, I had motherly duties to attend to so he had to leave. How do you just show up and expect me to come running like a little girl?…

…my word to you…

Stay alert! Don’t let someone back into your space simply because they felt lonely and after moving on tried to reach out just for you to fill the empty void in private. It’s okay when exes come together, if they are willing, to check up on how you are doing. Don’t shy from rebelling from their little schemes. You might get so caught up and end up hurt twice as much. If you are an ex and you are willing to make things right, be tactical. Don’t rush but make sure your approach isn’t perverted because not everyone will take it kindly. If you are lucky enough to be accepted only as a friend, run with it and observe the boundaries. Please remember not to show up unannounced, kindly. One step at a time!

Stay safe, see you soon.

2 thoughts on “‘EX – O’CLOCK’

  1. Ex ARE EXPIRED. i learned the hard way the day i decided to answer DMS from my ex, she came back with a bang and completed her unfinished business with me. tears and sorrows remained my darling in my bedrooom corner.
    they say man shouldn’t cry but we too goo through heart breaks

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