The talk is all over with billions of advisors out here according to my statistics. Once in a while we’ve had those common conversations on victims of cheating or even talking to cheaters themselves. Relationships nowadays have a different dimension compared to the past before social media and before the existence of ‘lustful’ sites…you name them.

The other day I was having a conversation about my topic and it made so much sense and it shook me. When we think about cheating or the ones doing it, we almost want to choke or send them to hell. Others _though rare_ are grateful it happened to them. I have a few approaches to how life changing that could be in our lives.

We know or have heard or watched how miserable cheating can leave one and there’s completely nothing to write home about it. With the endless sleepless nights and addition of more insecurities in your bag and so much of tears that you end up dehydrated. Let’s also assume the toxic part for now.

If you ask me, there’s so much positivity and growth that comes with it. Most of it happens to the victims and a few of the cheaters _who are up for change_. It somehow makes you wiser and better. It can sometimes be like some sort of rehab for both parties.

Speaking of wiser, if you have ever been a victim once in your life you end up being very cautious and somehow start evaluating your partners very seriously. You know what to look for in your next relationship. At this point you are extremely alert for any red or pink flags that could show. If your ex partner took you for granted, you end up getting into other relationships with your own rules of the do’s and dont’s which is absolutely fine with me.

On the other side of the coin, if you got cheated on you, begin seeking for perfection. You lose yourself and massage your insecurities every damn day. As a victim, you think that everyone is the same and even decide otherwise about relationships and put yourself on the frontline of desperation. Do not get there yet!!!

I know the current generation is a bit trashy and filled with misguided beliefs but be positive and try again and again and….well if you do not have the energy then this is clearly not for you…haha!

…and on the other side of the ring, we have the cheaters. Look, if you fall in this category, just learn to accept your mistake and quit blaming your partner, the devil and the substances in your system. I know it’s hard but just say the magic words and be sincerely honest about your apology. If you are lucky enough to get another chance, get a rosary or a bible and resist temptation…most importantly learn to say NO!…just make me proud…haha!

I am not dipped in a pool of perfection….neither is anyone else in the world. Just know that one or two failed relationships is not the end of it. You could also be the problem in all of this…honestly speaking. Sleep on that and continue to live_ love_ life!

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